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These are core-bonded bullets with a hole drilled in the front part of the bullet which features a solid copper shank at the rear, and is virtually indestructible. The thick wall jackets are designed to keep the petals intact,  and bullet expansion is arrested at the depth of the drilled hole. The net result is a higher weight retention ratio. The copper jacket is made from specially designed solid bar stock and then drilled to the perfect depth. Rhino's well known bigger caliber bullets are given thicker jacket walls, so as to withstand higher impact forces.

The bonded bullet with its thicker than normal copper jackets is what translates into stronger petals and ensures a high weight retention ratio typically 98% plus at typical practical hunting ranges. However, impact velocity, be it higher or lower at the range,  will vary the percentage of bullet weight retained. The frontal expansion of the bullet (“mushroom”) is more than twice its original diameter and in most instances results in 2.2 to 2.4 times the original diameter.

As an example where a 286 gr Rhino Solid Shank bullet was shot into a big 5 animal at a close range of 10 paces. The bullet retained 267 grains or 93.4% and opened up to 2.3 times the original diameter, which is a perfect practical hunting result. The Solid Shank is designed for the practical hunter who is looking for high weight retention resulting in deeper penetration, and a wider expansion, creating a larger wound channel for the selected quarry, with minimal meat damage due to the bullet holding together after impact

The copper jackets get annealed to increase their malleability,  making the bullet stronger, so the petals don't shear off so easily.  The lead core that is bonded to the copper walls also strengthens the petals during the expansion process, as it flows together in unison. The copper jacket tapers towards the front, although less so on big bore calibers, so that bullets can expand more easily.

All bullets come with a 'protected point' design to avoid deformed lead tips in the magazine under recoil. All bullets go 3 times through a finishing die at the end to ensure that they are within the CIP specification and to ensure consistency of all bullets produced.

- Chris Bekker

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